All the farms supplying the milk to Bresciangrana are tracking the entire production chain, from growing fodder to feeding animals, from milking to preserving the produced milk, always respecting animal welfare and following the guidelines and certifications of the Grana Padano Consortium.


The involved milk collection basin includes the region of Lombardy and in particular the provinces of Brescia, Bergamo and Cremona. Bresciangrana is located in the heart of the production area and the proximity of the farms, the concentration of all stages of processing, ripening and packaging, allows integrated control of production quality, and promotes sustainable development throughout the supply chain.


To produce Grana Padano PDO we use the best technologies available on the market, permitted by the consortium regulations, in order to guarantee the highest quality of the final product and the absolute guarantee of the obtained result, in strict compliance with the specification and established traditions.


Bresciangrana, being attentive to Green strategy, carefully cares about the thermal recovery during some stages of production, therefore cutting energy waste and contributing to reduction of   CO  2   environmental dispersion; this is also a common habit of some agri-farms being part of our supply chain, that nowuse biogas to produce electricity and heat from manure gas emissions.

In addition, a 1200 kWh grid-fired concentrator for combined heat and power generation is planned to come into operation. A photovoltaic system of 1000 kWh will also be installed on our structures roof.