Seonsory perception guide

testoThe outcome of the characterization of Grana Padano PDO for 10 months is given below in terms of the scores of the individual descriptors, which are normally assessed as 0 (lowest value) and 9 (highest value) and as a graphic representation in the form of a spider plot.

Grana Padano PDO grated

Evaluation on Grana Padano PDO grated

When the packaging was opened, a good cheese fragrance of medium olfactory intensity was released.

On appearance, the cheese appeared uniform, characterised by a beautiful ivory colour.

With regard to the tactile and gustatory-tactile descriptors, the cheese presented low solubility and appreciable trigeminal sensations (induction of salivation).

With regard to the taste descriptors, there was a not excessive sweet sensation, saltiness to an equal degree, a slight acid perception, no trace of bitterness, an appreciable degree of savouriness, no perception of astringency, a hint of spiciness, and the aromas of milk and cream were absent, for an appreciable taste conformity complex.

As regards the olfactory-retro-flavour descriptors (flavour), the characteristic aromatic intensity was classifiable as average, the taste-olfactory persistence was high, an excellent complex of positive flavours, no reference to negative flavours (mould, stable, smoked, anomalous or propionic fermentations, etc.) for an overall judgement of aromatic conformity classifiable as good.

Ultimately, the overall judgement on the hedonic level of grated Grana Padano PDO cheese, for the absence of anomalous odours, anomalous flavours and anomalous sensations, for the overall visual, tactile and gustatory qualities can only refer of a product characterised by appreciable quality.