Sensory perception guide

The outcome of the characterization of Grana Padano PDO cube-diced cheese is given below in terms of the scores of the individual descriptors, assessed as a general rule by 0 (lowest value) and 9 (highest value) and a graphical representation in the form of a spider plot.

Grana Padano DOP cube diced

EVALUATION of Grana Padano PDO cube-diced

When the packaging was opened, a good cheese fragrance of medium olfactory intensity was released.

The texture, assessed in terms of roughness on the cutting surface, was judged as average.

The color of the paste was appreciable, with an isabella-coloured intensity, and the appearance of the paste was considered to be at a good degree of hardness.

There were no crystals or holes.

As regards the tactile and the tasting-tactile descriptors, the cheese had low friability, thus forming fragments that were not too small after breaking, low chewiness, with a poor ability to resume the original thickness after compression; it presented a medium degree of solubility (ability to merge due to saliva’s action), a discernible trigeminal sensation (a slight irritation that induces salivation), and a taste-tactile high conformity (complex of friability, solubility, slight pungency and barely noticeable chewiness in relation to the type of product); the degree of greasiness and adhesiveness was indeed very low.

As regards the taste descriptors, there was a low sweet sensation, an appreciable but not excessive degree of saltiness, a low sense of acidity, no bitterness, a good degree of flavor, no perception of astringency, a barely perceptible sensation of spicy, no perception of milk and cream; all together they were contributory to a taste conformity (the combination of salty, low acidity, slightly bitter sensations characteristic of the product) that was considered really appreciable.

As regards the olfactory-retrolfactory descriptors (flavor), the characteristic aromatic intensity could be described as appreciable, as well as the taste-olfactory persistence and typical aromatic intensity, together with absence of negative flavors (mold, stale, stable, smoked, cooked, medicinal product, abnormal or propionic fermentations, etc.), and a high aromatic compliance; the positive aromas complex iwas appreciable as a whole.

In short, the overall assessment of the hedonic level of Grana Padano PDO cube-diced cheese, due to the absence of abnormal smells, abnormal flavors and abnormal sensations, due to the combination of visual, tactile and taste qualities, can only refer to a good quality product, derived from the application of a technology capable of giving the cheese a high sensory profile.