Sensory perception guide

The outcome of the characterization of Grana Padano PDO cube-diced cheese is given below in terms of the scores of the individual descriptors, assessed as a general rule by 0 (lowest value) and 9 (highest value) and a graphical representation in the form of a spider plot.

Grana Padano PDO flakes

EVALUATION of Grana Padano PDO in flakes

Below is the result of the characterisation of Grana Padano PDO cheese in flakes in terms of the score of the individual descriptors, assessed as a rule from 0 (lowest value) to 9 (highest value) and graphic representation in the form of a spider plot.

When the packet was opened, a good and intense cheese aroma emanated.

Appreciable was the colour of the paste, ivory in intensity.

The solubility was low (aptitude to melt in saliva) and the trigeminal sensation (a slight irritation inducing salivation) was not high, together with a gustatory-tactile conformity (complex of friability, solubility, slight pungency and barely noticeable chewiness in relation to the type of product).

The greasiness was barely noticeable and the adhesiveness almost absent.

With regard to taste descriptors, there was an appreciable but not intrusive degree of sweetness, a not very evident degree of saltiness, barely a residual acidity, no trace of bitterness, a good degree of savouriness, no perception of astringency, a barely perceptible spicy sensation, barely a trace of milk aroma and none of cream, for a taste conformity (the combination of salty sensations, low acidity, barely hinted at bitterness characteristic of the product) judged as appreciable.

As for the olfactory-retro-flavour descriptors (flavour), the characteristic aromatic intensity was qualified as more than average, the taste-olfactory persistence was appreciable, as well as typical aromatic intensity; negative flavours (mold, stale, stable, smoked, cooked, medicinal product, abnormal or propionic fermentations, etc.) were absent, and there was a good aromatic conformity and an appreciable complex of positive aromas, for an overall judgement of aromatic conformity that can be qualified as adequate.

In conclusion, the overall judgement on the hedonic level of flaked Grana Padano PDO cheese, for the absence of anomalous odours, anomalous flavours and anomalous sensations, for the overall visual, tactile and gustatory qualities can only refer to a product characterised by appreciable sensory quality.